In this article from HGTV By: Brian Patrick Flynn you will learn how to make a container that will hold your Christmas Tree, that is easy to move to any room in your home.  Mobile Christmas trees are the easiest way to bring holiday flair to any room in the house. Learn how to turn wooden crates, galvanized tubs or children’s baby doll buggies into beautiful vessels for your Christmas tree.

In this article you will see a list of the materials needed.  Also it will cover:

  • Choosing a vessel for your Christmas Tree
  • Adding Weight
  • Placing the Christmas Tree in the Vessel
  • Adjusting the branches for a good shape
  • Lubricating wheels or castors so your vessel is easy to move
  • Dress your vessel

Original_Brian-Patrick Dressing your vessel

To read the full article and get the list of material please click here and you will be taken to the HGTV website.


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